Psychology Consulting Company

Psychological counseling offers therapy that is usually brief.

An appointment takes place over 45 minutes, during which each patient can freely express any subject that worries him: private life, professional life, any anxiety, depression, malaise, etc.

The psychological counselor establishes a synthetic and complete diagnosis of the internal landscape of the person who consults. He then accompanies towards concrete tools so that everyone can move towards personal fulfillment, so that everyone finds psychological, emotional, professional autonomy, and stands up straight, without crutches, neither chemical nor emotional.

It is a one-time accompaniment to move towards an inner freedom of well-being and complete fulfillment.

I accompany children from 6 years old, adolescents, adults, and seniors in various subjects:

1) depression and the process of transformation that it allows

2) burn-out or bore-out and the awareness they allow

3) mourning

4) discomfort

5) the feeling of loss of meaning

6) any concerns you want to talk about